Why I applied

Hacking The Planet

I'm an INTJ personality, business and delivery-oriented, seeking a remote position working on an interesting product. An individual contributor position for 4-5 years without a lot of pretense or bureaucracy. I've done many systems including six commercial products and seven startups.

I have no interest in coding tests or large group interviews. I'm not on social media (Zuckerberg in 2004). I’m not getting vaccinated and have a mild case of Autistic Spectrum disorder.


Senior Software Developer

Mar 2022 – Dec 2022

Employee #5 at a medical predictive analytics startup doing security, APIs, data integration, testing. Toolset: AWS Cognito, Active Directory, SAML, Typescript, Postgres, TypeORM, AWS AppSync and GraphQL, RDS, SAML, JWT, Cloud Formation, AWS Secrets Manager.

Software Developer

Apr 2021 – Aug 2021 (part-time for no salary)

Remaking an entertainment industry website with python, django, postgres, react, revive adserver, ubuntu. Redesigned the database and REST api, added a self-hosted ad server, migrated existing site to Digital Ocean, started off with React UI but switched to Vue because it's much easier to integrate into existing web pages.

Voice Software Developer

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Reworked a VOIP project which was shelved five years ago. Added code coverage tool (Scoverage) and metrics. Converted it to an Eclipse project (sbteclipse plugin), replaced hand-written test methodology with ScalaTest + JSON tests (reduced 1400 tests down to 500 and increased code coverage from 33% to 85%), replaced database layer and library with ScalaLikeJDBC, reduced codebase by 30%, added in SBT script to validate/build automatically.

Scala, Scala IDE for Eclipse, Play, AKKA, SBT, Postgres, Asterisk

Senior Software Developer

Jun 2019 – Sept 2019, Portland

Maintenance on a micro-auction platform at a Fortune 100 company with extreme variations in demand (200 to 5,000 messages per sec), performance metrics and tuning.

AWS SNS,SQS, java, Netflix OSS, jenkins, new relic


Jun 2018 – April 2019, Portland

Employee 2 at a fintech stablecoin startup and responsible for technical design and coding including REST API for developer's SDK of 30 Lambda functions in java, created database schema and RDS entries, Cloud Formation templates, set up all security including Ethereum ECDSA for all APIs, IAM definitions, Yubi hardware keys, security policies, created SNS/SQS queues, created API Gateway definitions for website domains. I installed Datadog’s AWS version for analytics. Delivered a minimum viable product in 100 days, designed and coded about 75% of the beta release.

java, python, AWS Lambda, IAM, SQS, RDS, Cloud Formation, jsonschema, Ethereum, jenkins.


July 2017 - May 2018, Boise

My father died in 2014 and my sister in 2017 so I spent a year in Boise, ID on liquidating combined estates of several people.

Senior Software Engineer

Mar 2016 – Sept 2017, Seattle

Real-time analytics platform for OTT video. Developed frameworks for flat-file configuration management (300 Ubuntu servers) which was a significant factor in our reliability, multi-CDN security scheme, monitoring (Datadog API), dockerized entire DLVR stack for integration testing, maintenance on custom stream processor (java, ElasticSearch, MaxMind geo database, redis). I duplicated this processor in AWS using several Lambda functions, Kinesis and Redshift for higher scalability, wrote a client sync program using SNS/SQS. The platform runs globally with 12 petabytes of video per month (12 million+ daily sessions), 3 billion Elasticsearch records when I left.

Tools: JSON schema, java, C++, Clion, DataDog, AWS SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Redshift, Cloud Formation, Saltstack, Docker, Jenkins, Redis

Nodejs Engineer

Jan 2015 – Dec 2015, Seattle

Migration of a proprietary java platform (Websphere Commerce Suite) to open source microservices for a Top 10 e-commerce site. Four contracts for new SEO system to manage data for two million products. It uses node.js, couchbase, mongodb, db2, sql server with kafka as a service bus. I wrote backend code for a real-time ETL process, managed our dev tier on VMWare, prototyped puppet scripts, rewrote a Selenium framework.


July 2014 – August 2014, Denver

Short-term contract to add anonymous payment system to a mobile messaging product using IoT technologies. I did research, costing, design, sequence diagrams, roadmap for an offshore team, aimed towards higher security, scalability and guaranteed delivery with RTI DDS (data distribution service, machine-to-machine protocol).

Analytics Engineer

Oct 2013 – Mar 2014, Denver

Took over an beta analytics system for a religious health & wellness startup. Replaced it with a more appropriate system using Node.js & a time-series postgres database (generic example). Did implementation towards HIPAA compliance. Developed semantic analytics using postgres text search.


May 2013 – Aug 2013, Denver

Refactoring prototype web services into an open source project for cable set top box integration with mobile devices and back office data. Created an xsd testing concept which I turned into the Model-Driven Node project.


Aug 2012 –Jan 2013, Washington, DC

EHR health care prototype to merge DoD and VA health care systems. I automated deployment and configuration of WebSphere suite, API development for service governance, DIACAP certification (RHEL hardening).

Senior Development Expert

Aug 2011 – March 2012, Seattle

Maintenance on Paas system running one million financial transactions per day for commercial telecomm customers. MongoDB prototype. Developed JMX 2.0 management system for new cloud system (somewhat like AWS FarGate) with personal work later on a simple Kafka monitor.

Application Architect

Oct 2010 – June 2011, Hartford

Technical oversight & thought leadership for a healthcare disease and utilization management (CM, DM, UM) application transacting 1 million+ requests per day; Developed RIA migration plan for 300 jsp pages, proof-of-concept code, presentations for governance boards. Implementation of new module using Velocity templates for ExtJS components and Spring controllers, coded key ExtJS classes.

Websphere Architect

Mar 2010 – July 2010, Bothell

Technical audit at major telecom for WebSphere Commerce Suite 6.0 conversion running one million requests per day

Senior Technical Architect
Dec 2007 – Oct 2008, Seattle

Assigned to improve the skill level of contract employees at an aircraft manufacturer. I developed proof-of-concept call-center apps with five offshore teams (approx forty people), code reviews, hiring interviews, Web 2.0 initiatives, wrote an Adobe BlazeDS messaging system.

These are my team leaders and I in an Indian engineering article.


Xevious - 1983
In 1983, I set the worldwide high score for the Xevious arcade game after five hours of play before an offical judge. I started with 5 Solvalou ships and racked up 17 more so my play time was limited only by my bladder. After five hours I’d reached 4 million,
Hacking The Planet - 1988
This image was originally for my DEFCON 13 opening but I used a funny experience from my flight instead. I discovered hacking while working as an electronic technician at Teradyne in Agoura Hills, CA. Their network had dozens of Microvax II systems around the planet I could hack. I realized

Fun Coincidences: In 2003 at Avnet, my entire e-commerce team was laid off except me. I volunteered for the layoff and moved on. In 2012 at Amdocs, my entire team was laid off again except me, but I moved on again.

In 1996, I was named Boise State Employee of the Year and received a commendation from the Secretary of Transportation for the work I did from 1992-1996 on Aspen, one of the first tablet mobile systems.

My team built Avnet's Quote-2-Order system from 2000-2002 and it transacted over $1 billion in orders in its first year.

An entry from my website, RealMeme.com, was referenced by Treasury Secretary Larry Summers in an economic article.

I was briefly a member of Mensa in 1988, based on my SAT scores.

I have a mild form of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and missed a perfect 4.0 GPA by one point for my electronics AA degree.