The Sound Money Movement is a political and economic movement which opposes central bank manipulation of currencies and believes that a gold or silver-based currency has greater stability. The movement supports precious metal legislation in the United States.

Three-Step Legislative Strategy

  1. Establish gold and silver as legal tender
  2. Create a State precious metals depository
  3. Add a digital currency backed by depository

States where gold and silver are legal tender

States with pending legislation in 2023

Depository Legislation

Texas Bullion Depository Bill - signed into law in 2015 to create a state bullion depository.

2023: Tennessee Bullion Depository Act - SB 150 to establish a precious metals depository.

2023: Mississippi SB2966 - establish the Mississippi bullion depository.

2023: Missouri HB718 - create the “Missouri Bullion Depository.”

2023: North Carolina H721 - State Precious Metals Depository Study.

2023: Idaho H0180 - invest in precious metals held in a secure depository.

2023: Oklahoma SB 816 - Establish a State Treasury Depository

2023: Montana HB0884 - Department of Revenue authorizes a media of exchange using gold

2021: Utah Sound Money Amendments - create a state bullion depository.

2021: Kentucky Precious Metals Depository Act - create a precious metals depository.

2020: Wyoming bullion depository - for creation of a Wyoming bullion depository.

Regional Depository Concept

If all previous legislation passed, our depository map would look like this and Depository States (gold) could support regional currencies of non-depository States (yellow).

Impedence-Matched Currency

Creating the Euro was like harnessing a horse, a mule, a dog and a turtle to pull a wagon. A "one size fits all" strategy creates stresses because regions (States) have different histories, resources, skill levels, goals. Most economic transactions are within a local sphere and a State currency would be controlled regionally.