Concepts I've created, sometimes related to a software project.

Cost Of Information (COI) - 2000
Over twenty years ago I created this concept which may finally be coming into its own, like the Vertical Web, the Cultural Diffusion and the Gold-backed Digital Currency. The S-Curve: A graph showing the rate of growth of an entity like a business, animal population, etc. It has three important
Unconventional Manipulation of Information (UMI) - 2023
The terminology is from my DEFCON presentations. I was specific in using “UMI” because it lacks the legal violations of traditional “hacking”. And as many now know, the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections were dosed with UMI. The basis of UMI was my version of Schramm, the Reflective Schramm mode…
BRICS Currency Platform - 2023
A series of software designs for a BRICS currency platform but also applicable to a set of State-based precious metal depositories running in parallel to the Federal Reserve. Many people expect BRICS to release a gold-backed digital currency for member use but based on their actions, I think the rea…
Gold-backed Digital Currency White Paper - 2023
Broward Horne, I’m a software developer with 30+ years of experience. There may soon be demand from State governments for R&D, prototyping and development of gold-backed digital currencies as described in Texas bills S.B. No. 2334 and H.B. No. 4903…
AWS Commercial App Design, 1 - 2023
A 9-page primer for commercial application design, based on thirty-three years of experience. This is hands-on strategy I learned from experience. Define a Cloud Formation (CF) template as your application foundation. CF templates have automatic rollback capability which you’ll eventually need in…
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 4 - 2023
Dakota Alert added a new sensor to their 4000 alarm series last year and I finally ordered one to test. I love this system. It’s simple, cheap, reliable, with no external dependencies. The solar-powered breakbeams were an expensive disappointment but otherwise, this system is outstanding. I’ve…
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 3 - 2022
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1 - 2020Post-COVID Home Security, Part 2 - 2021Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1 -2020Home Security, Part 2 I sold my house in 2004 and didn’t care about homesecurity until my new purchase in 2018. And even then I felt no urgency untilthe pandemic appeared, followed
Bitcoin Is Dead Redux
A simpler calculation for the Bitcoin Epitaph. SPENDING: Bitcoin uses 150 terawatt hours of power per year, rising 17% per year. Average cost per kilowatt is $0.08 in China and rising. Annual energy cost is $12 billion. INCOME: 330,000 coins mined per year. $21,000 per coin Annual
Credit Cycle - 2022
In 1991, I read a Barron’s article by Ray Dalio (founder of Bridgewater Associates, net worth of $22 billion) about the credit cycle (Kondratiev wave, debt cycle, etc) and it’s been in my mind ever since. Today I read an engaging article by Brandon Smith similar to my own analysis
Covid War, A Morbid Fable - 2022
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our tale of treachery begins within The Great Empire built upon the ruins of the Great War. At first, the Great Empire fostered commerce and innovation across the planet. But over time, corruption and theft rose, ene…
Polymorphic REST API - 2022
Disguise REST API signatures in the TCP/IP layer with a polymorphic API. Most crypto currencies assume TCP/IP is trustworthy. Their security is concentrated in encryption and blockchains but as we saw this year, governments can still kill your crypto ( Canada […
The Vax Is The Gain of Function - 2022
In January 2020, I was staring at this virus chart, pondering COVID when I realized it’s a resource contention function, X * Y = K. So I wrote a mathematical model of how a Gain Of Function virus could work... And graphed how Gain Of Function might act... GoF virus would appear
The Vax, 4 Avenues To Death - 2021
(addendum: After reading 200 threads, articles, commentaries on COVID vaccine in 2021, it was clear that deaths were taboo and rarely discussed so I organized death-related info into this summary) The COVID mRNA vaccines have four ways to kill you. 1) Allergic reaction - This usually occurs in the…
McAfee Deadman Trigger - 2021
It would take about 30 minutes to write a simple deadman trigger with Google’s Trends tool running a search for “mcafee death”. Trends has a CSV export option. Write a REST call that runs every so often, pull the CSV into something like Apache POI and wait for a state
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 2 - 2021
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1 - 2020Home Security, Part 2 I sold my house in 2004 and didn’t care about home security until my new purchase in 2018. And even then I felt no urgency until the pandemic appeared, followed by riots and looting. I researched smart locks for
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1 - 2020
Post-COVID Home Security, Part 2 - 2021Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1 - 2020Home Security, Part 2 I sold my house in 2004 and didn’t care about home security until my new purchase in 2018. And even then I felt no urgency until the pandemic appeared, followed by riots and
Binary Virus Conjectures - 2020
Chimeric virus - “Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus”. This chart shows diseases according to their mortality (deadliness) and mobility (contagiousness). This is a classic X * Y = K graph depicting an environmental constraint. High mortality reduces mobi…
How Donald Trump Hacked The Planet - 2017
Warning! Too dangerous for DEFCON! This submission for the DEFCON 2017 hacker conference was rejected and I wasn’t surprised, it’s controversial. Abstract: How Donald Trump Hacked The Planet describes how Trump used unique circumstances (the Kondratieff wave, diminishing returns on diversity,etc)…
The Tangled Web We Weave (Why NodeJS?) - 2014
In the beginning, there was Tim. And Tim said, "Let there be HTML!" And it was good. Then some dumbass asked, "Hey, can you add a button I can click on?" And Netscape said, "Let there be Javascript!" And it was... acceptable. Then someone
Predictive Communication Model - 2013
This is a semantic model for quantifying relationships. It was a sudden epiphany during an nine-hour drive from Boulder to Kansas City over Thanksgiving weekend I’d hoped to turn it into working software but my employer was more interested in converting me to Jesus and didn’t perceive any value i…
The Vertical Web - 2013
The S-curve describes a growth pattern of new products, organisms in nature, etc. When a new ecological niche appears, the growth rate of filling it increases exponentially until the inflection point, the point at when (roughly) the niche is half filled, at which time the growth rate begins to fall.
Conspiracy Theory - 2008
Conspiracies are a function of information, or more precisely, a lack of information. Let’s define a quantitative test for a conspiracy. 💡two or more conspirators who share some information💡at least one victim who is excluding from that information💡conspirators profit in some way from the vict…
Election Hacking 101 - 2007
My 2007 DEFCON presentation makes reference to “active” vs “passive” devices in data mining and manipulating mental states. That’s what Cambridge Analytica did in the 2016 Presidential election. My theory starts at the 32 minute mark of this video: Just re-watched this. Wow, I really hit this one…
My Most Audacious Hack - 2007
In 2005, I was monitoring the housing industry for recession indicators and in December the home inventory trendline reversed due to a sales slowdown, a strong indicator. In 2007, Naomi Klein released “The Shock Doctrine” in 2007 and I realized her concept of economic shock was similar to my…
36-Hour Work Week - 2007
This should be about the 32-hour workweek but the 36-hour is more politically viable. Memes can be amazingly intractable. Concepts are often impossible to alter once they’re lodged in someone’s mind. The 40-workweek is one of them. The modern workweek was created during the Great Depression for the…
RealMeme And Google Trends - 2004
That’s the logo from my first website,, which I launched in March of 2004. Yes, it’s a CORONAVIRUS. My site slogan was: 💡meme: A contagious idea that replicates like a virus, moving from mind to mind.The Wayback Machine webcrawled RealMeme in April, 2005 after RealMeme was featured
The Cultural Diffusion - 2004
I published “The Cultural Diffusion” on my website in 2004. The Longtail theory was a prominent idea then, that the transition from monolithic, one-way communication systems to granular, interactive systems would create small but profitable niche markets. From a cultural point of view, a long t…
Hacking The Planet - 1988
This image was originally for my DEFCON 13 opening but I used a funny experience from my flight instead. I discovered hacking while working as an electronic technician at Teradyne in Agoura Hills, CA. They had dozens of Microvax II systems around the planet I could hack. I realized I