Recent legislation shows significant interest in Texas-style precious metal depositories. This proposal is for a Technical Working Group (TWG) of interested parties to fund joint development of regional depositories with common procedures and a digital currency platform. Here's an example.

We used this model at Federal Highway in 1994-1996 to develop ASPEN, CDLIS and ISS software with a permanent staff of five. Ten States contributed 1-2 members each quarter for a three-day design and feedback meeting (about 500 manhours annually).

5 Major Components

1) Development Group - Independent organization which combines input to produce policies, protocols and platform for State depositories.

2) Technical Working Group (TWG) - a steering committee of States which contribute funding, feedback and policies from part-time advisors in each State.

3) Regional Depositories - State depositories which support digital currencies and interoperate with other depositories.

4) Savings Institutions - contribute funding to use the State depositories and currencies as a mechanism of investment and wealth preservation.

5) Commercial Industry - retail vendors, 3rd party developers to support digital currencies.

Digital Currency Platform

In 2018, I wrote a successful crypto-currency platform on Amazon AWS, Sila stablecoin. Our goal was to help hundreds of 3rd party developers add crypto capabilities into their phone apps. This is an improved design from 2020 which replaces Ethereum with a blockchain and Depository Inventory System.

More technical detail at Strategy
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