One-page descriptions of several projects I did from 1991 to 2018.

Revised Crypto Platform - 2018
A redesign exercise of an AWS crypto platform I created a couple years ago which received $7.7 million from my design and $13 million in 2021. I hadn’t heard of CQRS pattern in 2018, but basically I derived most of that pattern here in a homegrown way. Three application
Multi-Tenant Systems - 1996 to 2018
My first application, Aspen, was multi-tenant. State agencies could alter forms, add fields, change printed reports and that’s why it succeeded. About half of my projects have been multi-tenant. We used Adobe Flex and the Cairngorm framework for this call center app but it lacks multi-tenant behav…
Code Exercise: Node.js, Couchbase, AWS - 2016
This is a coding exercise using node.js, couchbase and AWS. I spent about 20 hours on it and didn’t get hired. Later I realized that it was just a ploy to get rid of me so I quit doing code exercises. There’s usually some trick by a super-brilliant-fantastical-master coder/
JsonSchema for OTT Video - 2016
Last July I wrote about the rising interest in JsonSchema which is still on an upward trajectory: Despite the hype, a lot of nodejs development isn’t high complexity/reliability but this trendline suggests it’s changing. This is a model of a traditional class hierarchy (codebase is here) u…
Digital Currency on IoT - 2014
A proposal to add a currency token to an anonymous email system. Each phone acts as its own email server running peer-to-peer between two phones. A central registry maintains identity and IP addresses so phones can communicate. So. The biggest problem is that email is not a guaranteed delivery pr…
Node, Postgres and Highcharts App - 2014
The company had a troubled analytics system stuck in beta development, hosted on 20 servers and designed for millions of daily users. After two months I realized the market expectation was 6K concurrent users and unlikely to grow much. The original architect created a custom-built 18-wheel truck…
Model-Driven Node - 2013
TLDR: This is a code generator along the lines of Rails, it uses a java templating engine and XSD schemas to generate a complete Nodejs application on an SAP-sized scale (1000 database tables). I’m turning Marshall McLuhan on his head. In 2013, the message is now the medium! :) Design your
XSD Schemas - 2013
This was an open source project to support cable box services. The application connects your cable settop box to your phone or ipad, my role was mapping xsd schemas to backoffice data. This diagram is a visual of the API groups. There were over 500 properties and 40 services. The
Simple Kafka Monitor using OpenDMK (JMX 2.0) - 2012
This design is a refinement of a Fargate-style payment system I wrote in 2011 which had 18 components such as Registry, Server, Monitor, Datasource, etc. That MCC project used a swing-based JMX client, this project is the corresponding JMX server. I’m using it with Kafka but it’s generically applica…
ExtJS Migration - 2011
This is a presentation for a project to migrate a health-care app from 300 server-side JSP pages to ExtJS (React forerunner). Description of each slide - Current JSP stateJSP issues of multiple controllers (“SAVE” buttons)JSP issues of data duplication in each sectionAdd two new sections using Ex… - 2004 to 2010
I started data mining the Internet in 1993, searching for S-curve trends in technology. Over time I developed several aspects, include sentiment analysis, quality of service, inflection points, marginal utility, diffraction, overdriven memes (fraud), manipulation patterns and in 2004 I put much of…
Killing a $20 Million Project - 2008
My assignment in 2008 was a major IT manufacturer in Silicon Valley who suffered a $30 million supply chain failure. Their resident 25-year-old genius architect planned an SAP upgrade and my company won a sub-contract. I wandered around campus interviewing employees and found a senior e-commerce…
Me@Defcon - 2005 to 2007
In 2005, a friend suggested that I submit a presentation to Defcon on data-mining I’d been doing since 1993. I missed the official deadline but sent an email anyway. To my surprise, they liked it and gave me a speaker spot. I did two followup presentations in 2006 and 2007
Architecture Design: AS400 Migration - 2007
This was a design proposal to convert a flat-file insurance application to object-oriented/Service Oriented Architecture. The high-level design is based on an electronic keyboard, where the intersection of two primary axes (differentiators) defines the response, the differentiators being geographic…
Architecture Design: Struts App #1 - 2006
This insurance client had some small java applications running on ASP/IIS to support insurance agents. My job was to merge them into a single application, add a content management API, security layer, policy module traceable to use cases (outlined in red), convert ASP pages to JSP and create a
Architecture Design: Struts App #2 - 2004
This insurance client had a nineteen week deadline to create a fund management tool to meet federal regulations. The workflow and UI were already laid out by a design team and well done. I reverse-engineered their database structure into a class diagram and drew up this high-level design, deri…
E-commerce Systems - 2000 to 2003
I did large scale e-commerce at Avnet from 2000 to 2003 for an annual revenue of $12 billion. My team wrote Q2O (Quote 2 Order), a sales tool which was a significant success and transacted $1.5 billion in its first year. Later I worked with IBM’s Websphere Commerce Suite,
Sunhill Software - 2003
Sunhill Software (2004) was a short-lived supply chain management spin-off from VCommerce and staffed with several coworkers from Saleslogix. My part (outlined in red) was a single multi-tenant security model to support Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat and LDAP as this was a commercial product. The inv…
Saleslogix - 1998 to 2000
Saleslogix (SLGX) was a Salesforce competitor which went public during my tenure but ran out of cash in 2001. I worked on SLGX for a year and then was promoted to team lead and architect for SupportLogix. We’d purchased a small call center company to merge that product with SLGX
BSU, College Of Technology - 1991 to 1997
In addition to FHWA grant projects, I was also the network administrator for Boise State College of Technology. I converted a small ethernet network to a much larger token-ring network as part of a CIM grant from IBM. I designed, install and maintained a network of 300 lab computers, 100
Early Mobile System - 1992 to 1996
The ASPEN/ISS project started as a series of university grants from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)/USDOT and grew into a $15 million nationwide deployment over three years. I was the de facto principal developer and architect for the projects in red outline. In my last year we did