In 2007-8, Infosys rubber-stamped several teams with skills they didn't have and delivered some world-class malware to Boeing.   Boeing's top finally popped and they threatened to cancel contracts so Infosys hired me to fix it.  And I turned it around, restored some confidence, increased quality,  and calmed Boeing down after a year.

What did Infosys learn from that?   They learned they could KEEP lying and somebody would bail them out.   They continued with their resume, billing and visa fraud so I left.  A year later Boeing canceled their contracts and the new contractor, Tata, wanted me back but I took the flaky T-Mobile job because of the job title.   :)

When you reward lies, you get more lies.

When you reward stupidity, you get more stupidity.

When you punish honesty, you get less of it.