Revisiting my original blog and my Boeing project in 2008.  I'd forgotten this letter...

Technical Team Lead XXXXXXXX was one of my five managers. I accomplished quite a bit that year.  We ripped off Seibel's face, added a new one plus a queuing system in a "multi-tenant" design.  Some excerpts from my presentation.

My experience with Adobe and Flex was limited but I was a significant part of the project's success.  Seibel had performance issues at Boeing and we reduced network response time by over 90%.

I have similar letters from Avnet, Federal Highway Admin, Boise State.  Those were days when I was still naive about people, women, media and government though.  And tonight begins the latest episode of Twitten Place,  self-indulgent twits who tried to shovel their religion of "multi-gender" and "personal pronouns" down everyone's  throat,  now "morally outraged" without possessing much moral integrity.  Like Infosys.