A series of software designs for a BRICS currency platform but also applicable to a set of State-based precious metal depositories running in parallel to the Federal Reserve. Many people expect BRICS to release a gold-backed digital currency for member use but based on their actions, I think the reality will be different.

An important part of design is the top-level pattern and explicit goals. In this case, the pattern (model) is a set of financial realms (countries) executing point-to-point (P2P) transactions, which supports multiple, asymmetrical exchange rates and impedance mismatches between realms.

P2P + visitor is a composition pattern, the opposite of a class hierarchy which needs 80-90% common behavior to work well.

GOALS The BRICS platform has three strategic goals. * Manage financial transactions between platform members * Collect information to generate real-time exchange rates * Adjust foreign reserves pools between platform members CENTRALIZED SYSTEM Also known as hub-and-spoke. This is design of…
BRICS Visitor
We have several functions to run against the set of BRICS countries. The visitor pattern executes sequential functions against a set of hetereogenous objects (realms) which support the function signatures. For now, assume the visitor runs continously as a background process. * Collect transactio…
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