Broward Horne,

I'm a software developer with 30+ years of experience. There may soon be demand from State governments for R&D, prototyping and development of gold-backed digital currencies as described in Texas bills S.B. No. 2334 and H.B. No. 4903.


This paper contains three complementary proposals to create a digital currency backed by a State-regulated depository like the Texas Bullion Depository established in 2015. The first proposal is the currency itself including history, justification and legislation‚ the second is a development strategy‚ the third adds flexible exchange rates between participating States.

1) GOLD DIGR is an overview of a State-regulated digital currency necessitated by historical and political forces‚ current legislation and strategic design.

2) TWG proposes a multi-State committee to develop a standard currency framework adaptable to multiple States and external partners.

3) SXS is an interstate currency exchange system similar to the BRICS attempt to displace the Federal Reserve’s centralized system.


In 2018, I wrote a similar crypto platform using Ethereum. I believe a production system could be ready within a year by a team of five people for under $2 million.