One America Insurance reported a death rate increase of 40% in the 3rd quarter of 2021 and it now appears that the industry average was around 36%.

I converted that 40% into 21K vaccination deaths per month.   Half the population has no life insurance, so it's a much larger number but we'll stay in the Life Insurance Domain for now.  The insurance companies budgeted for an increase of 300K deaths in 2022 and we can deduce their thinking.   They're assuming the deaths are a one-time occurrence associated with the initial vaccination, a linear function.   21K deaths x 12 months = 250K deaths, close to 300K they allocated (green line on the chart).

However, if the vax does permanent damage to immune systems, each monthly cohort will keep spawning deaths for a cumulative total of 100K per month by end of 2022 (red line on the chart).  The DMED disease increases were in the 300-400% range, not 40%.   The next quarterly report should tell us which function is in play, red or green.   My guess is that they'll show a 50 to 60% increase (the red function).  A repeat in the range of 36% would be the green function.

Even now the insurance data is marginal, it only covers an age-skewed half of the population and I expect they'll start disallowing claims from vaccinated clients, which will effectively hide more vaccination deaths. And I expect our "morally superior" citizens to keep lying, censoring and causing indirect deaths to "save the Earth" because, well, because they're "morally superior".