This image was originally for my DEFCON 13 opening but I used a funny experience from my flight instead.

I discovered hacking while working as an electronic technician at Teradyne in Agoura Hills, CA. They had dozens of Microvax II systems overseas and I realized I could probably hack into Boston from Agoura Hills, then Boston to Berlin, Berlin to Tokyo, Tokyo back into Agoura Hills and remotely run the Microvax system next to me.

So I did it.

And it was an awesome adrenaline rush.

The delay time was several seconds but it was a hack around the entire planet!!! The circumference of the earth... 25,000 miles!!

Six years later I'm watching the Hackers movie and the "Hack The Planet" scene comes on. I'd mentioned my hack to co-workers and local hackers and it's an amazing coincidence that my phrase is in a movie.

Years later, some research revealed:

a) Rafael Moreu wrote the screenplay in the Los Angeles area in the early 90s.

b) He interviewed local hackers to create the composite anti-hero of Zero Cool.

I hacked the planet in 1988, the same year Zero Cool crashed Wall Street. He was eleven years old in the movie but...

maybe he was the same age as me.