That's the logo from my first website,, which I launched in March of 2004.   Yes, it's a CORONAVIRUS.   My site slogan was:

meme: A contagious idea that replicates like a virus, moving from mind to mind.

The Wayback Machine webcrawled RealMeme in April, 2005 after RealMeme was featured on and drew 20,000 viewers.   In late 2005, about 200 Google IP addresses descended on RealMeme and thoroughly ransacked it.  I assume that a Google employee noticed my heavy data-mining of DejaNews, traced my website and sent an internal email.

A few days later I received email from Bruno Bowden, an engineering lead at Google, admiring RealMeme, etc.  We traded a couple of emails and I thought nothing of it.   The next year he notified me about the Google Trends tool, probably around the launch date of May, 2006.

I was running tens of thousands of queries against Dejanews to build time-series graphs and eventually Google set a limit of 200 queries per IP address.   But I just added an "IPCONFIG" call into my data-miner and kept going.  I'm pretty sure I was the cause of this:

I met Bruno two years later and he gave me a tour of Google Headquarters.  We met for a couple hours, had lunch, talked about data mining the internet and various issues.  But I suspect I'm somewhat of an embarrassment for him as he may have presented Google Trends as his own idea.