Net worth estimates of my software.

Aspen/ISS, 1996 - Principal designer for a team of six.  The first year estimate was savings of $60 million from improved inspections and reduced traffic accidents.  It's still in use but rewritten/redesigned fifteen years ago.

SupportLogix, 2000 - Architect for a team of about twenty.  It paid for itself in ten months and is still running.    A pure guesstimate but at $2 million of income per year, that's $44 million.   It could be over $100 million.

Sila, 2018 - Architect of a crypto platform that received $20.7 million in additional funding.

Cisco SAP, 2008 - I was probably the primary cause of death for a misguided supply chain project, a savings of $20 million.

Avnet Q2O, 2002 - Engineer on a team of seven.  Q2O processed $1.5 billion in sales the first year.  At a savings of 1%, that's $15 million per year.

Infosys, 2008 - Senior architect on several projects, so it's hard to estimate.   My main project (Siebel call center) was double the size and scope of the Aetna project and used by several business units.  Guesstimate of $8 million.

Aetna Case Management, 2011 - I was senior architect for a team of twenty, total project budget was $4 million.

Amdocs, 2012 - I wrote the JMX foundation for a new payment system running one million monetary transactions per day.  Guesstimate of $0.01 savings per transaction would be $3.65 million annually.

Verizon Sales App, 2005 - I was an independent expert hired by IBM for a legal dispute between Verizon, IBM and a vendor.   The result was against the vendor, probably $1-2 million.

Boise State, 1997 - Four Federal Highway grants totaling over $1 million.

Unigard AgentView, 2006 - Architect for team of five.  It produced an annual savings of $250K.

Standard Insurance Fundlink, 2004 - Architect for a team of five.  Very similar to the Unigard project.  $250K.

Gloo, 2014 - I replaced an over-designed analytics system with an appropriately scaled system.  I estimate a $250K savings.

Several projects that died for various reasons - DoD, Staples, CableLabs, Sunhill, Shazzle.  A few small projects I can't measure - Cingular, Transcore, JP Morgan.  A couple that eventually got off the ground after me - Sheridan, T-Mobile.

So my lifetime score looks to be around $300 million over a 30-year period, $10 million per year of which I earned about 1%.    This almost makes me the Anti-Elon Musk, haha.