"Why did I apply for your job" is a common question I get.

I have six major criteria.

1) Salary range, self explanatory

2) Remote only.  I inherited my mom in 2017 so my mobility is limited

3) Company size.  I look for small companies, usually under 50 people but occasionally larger.   Small companies have more work than people.  Large companies tend towards more animosity and conflict.

4) Interesting technical domain.  I've done a lot of business software and many of those jobs are simple and boring.

5) Red Flags. I avoid jobs which gush about their inclusive culture, diversity, 50% female, etc.   I'd have to endure a group interview and even if I got hired I'd be the Diversity Cleanup Guy because hiring is for a social result instead of a product.

6) Dishonesty. I avoid the disreputable companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They've engaged in unethical misuse of information for many years, the latest being the suppression of vaccine lethality. And it's not worth fighting the egos and academic minutia.

I also look at company location with a preference for West Coast.