1) Salary range, self explanatory

2) Remote only.  I'm caretaker for my mom so my mobility is limited.  I can travel a few days per quarter.

3) Company size.  I look for small companies under 50 people. Small companies usually have more work than people.  Large companies have more animosity and conflict.

4) Interesting technical domain.  Many business domain jobs are boring.

5) Red Flags. I avoid jobs which gush about inclusion and diversity and personal pronouns.  If I survive the inevitable group interview, then I end up as the Diversity Cleanup Guy because hiring is for a social result instead of a product.

6) Dishonesty. I avoid Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I consider them largely unethical with information, the latest being the suppression of vaccine deaths  and movie reviews.  

I prefer a company location near the West Coast.