Swedish study in 2016 on average lifespan of autistics.

"average life expectancy for the general population was about 70 years old. In the ASD group, the average age was about 54."

My sister committed oblique suicide at 54, dying shortly after stopping her liver treatments. (Dominique did the same with breast cancer).

She was a State auditor in CA, ID, AK with a CPA and with worse ASD than me. Mediocre coworkers resented and sabotaged her, mediocre managers took the easiest path, and over time she amassed several lawsuits and enemies. She languished for two years as the #1 entry on the Idaho civil service exam and they eventually removed her from embarrassment (spawning another lawsuit, of course).

She collapsed in 2008, moved back with our parents and did seasonal tax work at $15/hr for her remaining, reclusive life. My estate cleanup included several thousand pages of her lawsuits. She won a few judgments for a few thousand and got a few people fired.

But hardly worth the cost and pain she endured. Ironically, the State System which killed her paid out 10X more in life insurance than in lawsuits.

She was literally worth more dead than alive.

I never had enough faith in institutions or people to file lawsuits. Nowadays I see my life as an endless Groundhog Day: another round of NPCs - bumbling Indians, resentful geeks, deceptive managers and slightly more stupidity.

Each Christmas I think of a friend's prediction that I'd eventually regret being childless but I feel better about it every year.