When Dr Mercola implied that all the vaccinated might die within 5 years, I immediately dismissed it as hyperbole.  But what 98% of the population doesn't know is that he was referencing the mRNA animal tests where, yup, 100% of them died within 12 or 18 months.  There's a reason ... Read more »

TLDR Resume

I was an electronics technician in 1988 when I got involved with software.  I went back to school full-time in Boise,  worked on campus managing IT labs, an IBM CIM grant and some Federal R&D grants which were quite successful. I ended up at two startup companies during ... Read more »

Job Criteria

Why did I apply for your job?   I have six major criteria. 1) Salary range, self explanatory 2) Remote only.  I inherited my mom five years ago so my mobility is limited 3) Company size.  I look for small companies, usually under 50 people but occasionally I apply for 200 ... Read more »

Flame On!

Our fearless leaders will next claim the rise in deaths is an after-effect of COVID infection.  But the COVID curve has three distinct peaks.  Do you see three peaks in the death curve?  Nope.  That's because it mirrors the vaccination curve, lagging by 8 or 9 months (as predicted by ... Read more »

Semantic Mandate

Quickie semantic analysis of the Supreme Court hearing on OSHA vaccine mandate (here's the transcript I used).  The original analysis is here, I fixed errors in the transcript and expanded it a bit.  Word counts: Anti-Mandate Tendency freedom - 0exemption - 7rights - 0choice - 2informed consent - 0informed - ... Read more »