I was an electronics technician in 1988 when I discovered software.  I went back to college in Boise,  managing campus IT labs and did IBM and Federal R&D grants which were quite successful.

I was at two startup companies during the Dot Com Boom.  Aftward I moved to corporate consulting because startups dried up.  I did corporate systems in progressively higher positions but wasn't happy with the politics so now I focus on hands-on coding and technical design.

I inherited my mother in 2017 and moved to Vancouver, WA.  I'm seeking a hands-on position for five years, perhaps part-time afterward.   I'm business and delivery-oriented, I'm not interested in socialization, foozball,  SJW stuff or Saving The Earth.  I'm just not pretentious enough.

If you think I can't code after 30 years of coding, you're a paranoid idiot or an elitist egotist and I've had enough of both.  Just admit you're an ageist and don't annoy me with a perfunctory interview.  I maintain this website mostly because there's a social expectation of online presence.