My own office at Boise State University was a major milestone in my life. I'd been there six years, brought in over $1 million in Federal grants , awarded employee of the year, citation from Secretary of Transportation and built most of the College of Technology network.

It was on the 3rd floor of the new Technology building with a prestigious view of the northwest campus. I probably would have retired from BSU by now with my house paid off in 2011, except for the sabotage by Carlson and backstabbing by Mormon management shitbags. But instead, I was launched on a surreal journey of projects, technologies, cross-country travel and various flavors of shitbags for twenty years.

I left BSU in 1997 and fell into my next set of shitbags, Third Wave Technologies and the fradulent Vegas project. I was quite naive then when the City manager threw a newspaper on my desk and said, "That's YOUR company, what are you doing about this?".

The article exposed kickbacks, payoffs and corruption within the City of Las Vegas and my FBI agent uncle replied back to me that our project manager (Robert, with "ten years of project management experience") was last employed as a waiter at Saltgrass Steakhouse and delivering furniture. His entire resume was a fraud. And there was much more.

The fucksticks arrived in 2002 when ex-Motorolans invaded Avnet. I volunteered for the 2003 layoff because, like the Mormon shitbags, each quarter the Motorolans replaced existing employees with their buddies. And I wasn't a buddy.

My greatest revelation during the Great Shitbag Tour was the pervasive resentment, envy, paranoia and low integrity (now proven by the Covid genocide and blind eye from 95% of the medical community). I discovered years later that some at BSU resented my success and wished me ill. But I only have fifteen to twenty more years left and won’t be affected much more by it, I think.

My current path isn't Plan C, it's actually Plan B, I bought this house five years ago in Vancouver to trade upon the "real estate trough effect". During turmoil, money is freed up and seeks the lowest price level. In recessions, real estate in large cities collapses but the surrounding smaller cities boom as people migrate to lower costs. I rolled $100K up to $290K in five years and now buying a house for cash.


Houses 1
My current project is the new house. I researched areas, prices, availability, etc for a month now and keep a running list of my top ten houses as I wait for the current house to sell. The hardest issue will probably be choosing between them, there’s several I like for