The Kondratiev Wave, otherwise known as the Credit cycle, K-Wave, or Debt cycle. We're currently near the trough of the wave, characterized in the previous cycle by the Great Depression and World War 2. This cycle's bankruptcy and war seem rather obvious now.

Credit Cycle - 2022
In 1991, I read a Barron’s article by Ray Dalio (founder of Bridgewater Associates, net worth of $22 billion) about the credit cycle (Kondratiev wave, debt cycle, etc) and it’s been in my mind ever since. Today I read an engaging article by Brandon Smith similar to my own analysis

I wrote The Vertical Web thirteen years ago as I expected the peak sooner but the ending of the Tech Cycle seems obvious, too. The industry is filled with bumblers, deceivers and saboteurs now, similar to bad money driving out good money under Gresham's law.

Vertical Web Revisited
I wrote “The Vertical Web” in 2013. I presumed the IT industry will enter a saturation and consolidation phase similar to the automobile industry of the 1930s and the largest IT companies will merge, fail or assimilate. I used only an analysis of business strategy, no quantitative data like ROI,

I hoped to have my house paid off by now but Plan A and Plan B failed so it's time for Plan C - sell my house and buy something for cash in a rural area, pour a drink and watch Generation Inclusion pass on to their doom.

When did "Build Back Better" become "Biden's Bomb Bazaar"?