It's an early call but I predict the USA has entered its Stalinist Era.   Genocide is no longer a fear but a fact as confirmed by dead athletes on live television, multiple life insurance companies, funeral homes, CDC data and DMED data.  There's at least 21K people dying per month from the mRNA vaccines (age 18 to 65) and probably a similar number in 65+ group.  40K murders per month being censored by MSM, Social Media and the Federal government and likely to increase throughout 2022.

The government and media are hiding the deaths of 40K people per month for political and monetary gain while liberals bask in the glow of moral superiority.  

The rapid rise of mass censorship is a symptom of Magical Thinking.  It's hard to maintain your echo chamber when inconvenient facts intrude, the easy answer is censorship.  

And when the Echo Bubble pops, most will whine and cry about not getting a warning and how unfair it all is.   The giveaway was when "personal pronouns" came into vogue...  

subjective fantasy > objective reality = insanity.