The truth is rarely simple.  People round off reality by omitting or altering details to fit familiar stereotypes.

I worked at Boise State from 1991 to 1997 and was happy.   I was remote in Denver on grant projects and my manager (a Mormon) offered me his job, so I moved back.   But his real reason was his new employee and a sudden rash of technical problems.  I was his solution.

I knew Carlson was psycho the minute we met.   He kept typing for awhile, turned to me, flashed a deeply angry smile and hissed, "How's it going?" and turned back to typing, ignoring me.  

I didn't know what to think.

Eventually I realized he was sabotaging stuff.   If somebody pissed him off, their computer was dead the next week.  Or their data disappeared.  He privately admitted he was trying force the University to buy new equipment.  And dumbass me kept reporting incidents, expecting him to be fired.

But I was ignored.  Week after week.  Month after month.  I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I eventually quit and hired a private detective who came up with nothing so I dropped my lawsuit.

Two years later, I made a pile of money with my Saleslogix stock options and hired a 2nd detective.  $2000 buys a LOT of information and I got birth records, prior addresses, credit history, military records, relatives, their addresses (that's a story in itself), etc.

And then it all made sense.

The first detective I'd hired was a Mormon.  I hadn't known.   And he contracted for the University adminstration, which was mostly Mormon.  The answer was in birth records and Mormon genealogy charts.  My saboteur was an illegitimate, direct descendant of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church.  

His military records were confirmation.  He had a new duty station annually for twelve years.   A normal airman may have a new duty station every three or four years but he was a hot potato that got tossed as soon as possible.

He was discharged at NAS Miramar and the Mormon church moved him to Utah for a year.  Then on to Boise and my world.  A co-worker questioned why I quit and took over my position but quit a month later.  All he said was "you were right".  Eventually the Church moved him to another Mormon employer where he got into my bank accounts, then on to Seattle.

Just like the Catholic church moves pedophiles to new congregations to erase their history.   Overall, I lost about $60K in expenses, lost wages, etc.   Today I got a job inquiry from the Mormon church, most likely because I'm a BSU graduate.  I wrote this story up for the first time, it's the reason I left Boise and will never go back.

For many years I was angry at Carlson but eventually resigned myself to his mental illness.   The real blame lies with Mormon management at BSU and their conspiracy to protect their prophetic progeny.