Recent legislation shows significant State interest in Texas-style precious metal depositories.   This proposal is for a Technical Working Group (TWG) of interested parties to fund and drive development of regional depositories with common procedures, protocols and digital currency code.

Here's an example.  

5 Major Components

1) Development Group - State-agnostic organization which combines design input to produce policies, protocols and code to support several State depositories.

2) Technical Working Group (TWG) - a steering committee of States which contribute funding and design feedback, policies, legal input from a few part-time advisors in each State.

3) Regional Depositories - State depositories which support digital currencies, States which need a physical depo, and interoperate with other regional depos.

4) Savings Institutions - contribute funding to use the State depositories and currencies as a mechanism of investment and wealth preservation.

5) Commercial Industry - retail vendors, 3rd party developers, etc which support usage of digital currencies.