2018: Created a  fintech/stablecoin MVP in 100 days with AWS/java and ethereum, wrote 75% of beta release, company received $7.7 million on my design and $13 million in 2021.

2017: Wrote an analytics system in AWS Redshift  processing 300 million records per day.

2005-7:  DEFCON presentations on data-mining, predictive analytics and memetic manipulations (like Cambridge Analytica strategy in the 2016 election):

2004-2010: Created RealMeme.com, the basis for Google’s Trends tool

RealMeme.com - 2004 to 2010
I started data mining the Internet in 1993, searching for S-curve trends in technology. Over time I developed several aspects, include sentiment analysis, quality of service, inflection points, marginal utility, diffraction, overdriven memes (fraud), manipulation patterns and in 2004 I put much of…

2003: Code review and testing of the Digital Money Trust, a Bitcoin predecessor.

2001:  Avnet CM’s first J2EE app, Quote2Order ($1.5 billion in orders in 1st year).

1996: Letter Of Commendation from U.S. Secretary of Transportation for ASPEN mobile app.

UGPTI - Commercial Vehicle Roadside and Investigative Systems Software Development

1994: BSU Student Employee Of the Year for ASPEN & ISS, one of the first mobile systems for USDOT with predictive analytics (Inspection Selection System) which was quite successful (abstract, pg iv).

Xevious - 1983
In 1983, I set the worldwide high score for the Xevious arcade game after five hours of play before an offical judge. I started with 5 Solvalou ships and racked up 17 more so my play time was limited only by my bladder. After five hours I’d reached 4 million,