Debtors never believe debt matters until they're dangling over a vat of acid.

At least 14 States submitted depository bills since I sent out the 1st version of my white paper in April, 2023. Seven States in 2023 and seven so far in 2024 - Louisiana SB 485, West Virginia SB 749, Arizona SB1633Kansas HB 2729, Iowa HF 2228, Florida HB697 and New Hampshire HB 1674. From 2015 to 2023, less than one similar bill was submitted each year. In other words, depository bills exploded by 30X in the past year, as I predicted in my original paper.

Version 5 of the paper is available below, subject to a few more tweaks over the next day or two. I'll mail out hard copies over the next few days, I have 33 States left to touch.


"You know your culture from your trash
You know your plastic from your cash"