Updated my Dakota sensors, increased my Arlo camera resolution, donated my canned meat to charity and updated it to 2027 expiration dates.  Last year I had a red dot sight installed on a 1911 and I switched one rifle to a left-handed upper/VG6 Gamma compensator but never tested either. I feel confident about my prediction of a Stalinist era, Biden's tactics  are straight from the Commie/Nazi handbook so I tested my gun changes today.  

I never cared much for compensators but...  the VG6 is impressive.  It felt like firing a pellet gun, with less blast and recoil than any .223 I've fired.   My optics were a closeout SIG Romeo 7 red dot ($189) which also worked well.

The 1911 red dot worked well, too, I sighted it in with two volleys.

Pleasantly good groups for an old guy who rarely shoots.

It's easy to be collateral damage during civil wars, totalitarian takeovers and revolutions.  Trump supporters outnumber and outgun Federal law enforcement by a large margin and I'd be retiring soon if I was a Fed.

I might do a followup post on the various secession fault lines in the United States: the Confederacy, Sagebrush Rebellion, State of Jefferson, Greater Idaho, Texas, Hawaii and Alaska sovereignty movements, etc.  Hitler dissolved the German State legislatures before he took over as president, so don't be surprised.   It's being set up right now.