I'm not a fan of Naomi Wolf but she has some interesting comments I've never seen before about historical show trials.

On Hearing President Trump In Person -- And Not Hating It
And on Analyzing My Own Indoctrination

"The description of what is requested for the months ahead should resonate with anyone who has studied the history of show trials: there will be a trial requested for within the next six months — that is, during peak campaign season — and the goal is for all of the defendants to be tried together."

"That’s how Premier Stalin and Chairman Mao presented their show trials and public confessions, in 1936-1938 and in the 1950s, respectively, as well:"

I see this as another data point for the impending Stalinist USA.

More show trial:

More Stalin history, the Holodomor, recast into the form of John Kerry, Jamie Dimon and climate change.

"The starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932–33 as a result of Soviet policies."

"Stalin ordered the collectivization of agriculture. The majority of Ukrainians, who were small-scale or subsistence farmers, resisted. The state confiscated the property of the independent farmers"

My apple tree has about 100 apples this year.   You'll have to zoom in to really see them, though.  The previous owner wove the branches into the fence so it's quite wide and I let it grow out for five years so it's clogging my drain gutters now, about 20 ft high.

I could probably convert my backyard to 2000 sq. ft. of potatos, corn and beets if I had to.

Apple Tree, East Side
Apple Tree, West Side