Most people don't realize the extent of their brainwashing via the MSM or Social Media.   I've known for many years, it's detectable with a little work, like this 2018 manipulation of the Q Meme with simultaneous, coordinated action from many sources:

Q Coordinated Meme Attack
Several interesting aspects to this graph. In early August, 2018, there was a coordinated mass media attack on the Q/Qanonphenomenon. Look at the spike. That’s not a natural meme, that’s coordinatedaction across many media simultaneously, almost uniformly negative and filledwith trigger keywords…

I suspected in 2007 that the IT world would evolve like this and laid out a strategy of how it might happen:

Election Hacking 101 - 2007
My 2007 DEFCON presentation refers to “active” vs “passive” devices in data mining and manipulating mental states. That’s what Cambridge Analytica did in the 2016 Presidential election. My theory starts at the 32 minute mark of this video: Just re-watched this. Wow, I really hit this one out of…

Now we have documented proof from Twitter internal communications:

FBI Used Twitter To Censor, But Emails From The Latest Twitter Files Reveal That They Also Used Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikimedia And Reddit

We have a government out of control, suppressing facts about lethal vaccines which killed 500K-1 million Americans and crippled millions, on an insane march to nuclear war and non-stop looting.  But at least Trump is gone, whoo hoo!

US Stalinist Era Redux
I predicted an impending US Stalinist era seven months ago, an intuitive and dicey call (not my usual style) ... USA Stalin EraIt’s an early call but I predict the USA has entered its Stalin Era. Genocideis no longer a fear but a fact as confirmed by dead athletes[https:

I'm pretty happy I have no descendents.   I have no reason to care much about Normie World, my emotional involvement is mostly to see how history plays out and keep assets from confiscation.