Several interesting aspects to this graph.

In early August, 2018, there was a coordinated mass media attack on the Q/Qanon phenomenon. Look at the spike. That's not a natural meme, that's coordinated action across many media simultaneously, almost uniformly negative with trigger keywords like "insane", "dangerous", "violent".

You can also see Google's efforts to suppress the Q meme in early 2018. I sketched in the real growth rate from other sources like Reddit. In August, the Reddit Q group had an annualized growth rate of 300% and adding more readers than CNN's daily viewership.

I estimate total Q readership is in the 20 to 30 million range. This Q readership, along with the Pizzagate fallout, are why Facebook, Twitter, CNN, etc are engaged in reckless and suicidal censorship attacks. And I expect similar results. It's amazing to watch the media giants self-destruct.

The Democrats have fantasized since 2016 that they're a 66% majority versus Trump's 30% minority, a fantasy fed by manipulations like that Trends graph. These Alexa graphs say otherwise. was ranked 12K in 2016, now 28K, a 130% loss. is worse, falling from 1,137 to 5,549, a 390% loss.

I suspect one of Q goal's is pinging, assessing and demonstrating real sentiment of Americans.

Lots of shock came this week for people who just weren't paying attention, clueless to how they've been manipulated via their own hubris, like Alexandria Ocasio. A variation of the Emperor's new clothes. More shock to come.