I predict this NFT gambit will play out as a mini-FTX scheme.   Issue at a low-ball price and quantity to create an instant sell-out, great publicity and rising prices.

Remember, it only takes one bidder to set a market price. Inject a few strategic bidders to drive up prices from $99 to $500-1000.

Tender a 2nd issue, now at the "market price" of $500 and make it more "exclusive", say 30k-35K registrations.   Orders flood in, etc.    Rinse and repeat until the market collapses.  Trump delegated sales to a 3rd party so he can claim plausible deniability and I imagine that will be adequate for most supporters.

Inducing a sucker rally with FOMO.  

Trump's previous venture, DWAC, peak of $95, now at $19.

Trumpkin Mint's collection of commemorative Trump NFT plates:

  • Neil Armstrong Trump stepping onto the Moon
  • Christopher Columbus Trump discovering America
  • Napolean Trump at Waterloo
  • General Patton Trump at the Battle of the Bulge
  • Julius Caesar Trump crossing the Rubicon
  • Joan of Arc Trump burning at the stake