When Dr Mercola implied that all the vaccinated might die within 5 years, I immediately dismissed it as hyperbole.  But what 98% of the population doesn't know is that he was referencing the mRNA animal tests where, yup, 100% of them died within 12 or 18 months.

I've been sure since June that the vaccines were killing large numbers, from proxy measurements I did but the One America insurance numbers were a shock.  That 40% increase was almost entirely in the 4th quarter.  In other words, it reflects the first 3 months of the vaccination.  There's another 10 months cooking in the oven.  So... wow... Mercola might be right, after all.

335 million Americans, assume a lifespan of 79 = 4.3 million deaths per year. About 15% die before 65 = 650k or 53K per month.  A 40% increase = 21K vax deaths per month, about four times what I guesstimated.  And that's for the 18-65 age group.  I imagine the 65+ deaths are in the same ballpark, so say 40K.

And ironically, the censorship by the woke shitbags at the social media giants is killing their own coworkers, families, circle of woke friends.  

It's bizarre re-reading FactCheck articles about "crazy conspiracists", "safe and effective" vaccines, evil rogue doctors, etc, knowing that in just a few more weeks they'll look ignorant, misleading, dishonest.

Outliving these ageist lemmings as they pile up in emergency rooms,  suicide over portfolios or get shipped to the Russian front, would be an appropriate revenge.  Thanks for the job openings.  :)

Sin of hubris.  This was all planned, counting on American hubris.  They'll claim it was a tragic error but follow the money.