This "Content of Envelopes" manifesto was left behind by Anthony Polito, the UNLV shooter and probably won't see much publicity because it contains too much painful truth.

The first twelve pages are confusing rants about twenty people that stabbed him in the back and he refers to himself in the third person as "Dr160IQ“, a reference to his superior intellect. The last four pages are criticisms of university politics which caught my interest as they reflect my own experience as a Boise State employee and my sister’s at Idaho State Pocatello which eventually led to her suicide.

Some excerpts:

"...higher education, once a most noble of endeavors, has morphed into an absolute corrupt scam, a massive sewer where average people with zero moral compass, amoral grifters, can pose themselves as expert professors and valuable administrators … and do little while collecting a lifetime shitload of salary and fat benefits with almost no chance of ever being fired."

Reminds me of Kurt Lochner. 😃 For years, he presented himself online as a professor of electronics, geology, physics until he was outed as a maintenance man at University of Oklahoma. Then he stalked and google bombed me for years trying to destroy my career because he mistakenly thought I did it. Sorry, Kurt, but I didn't care enough to bother. RIP, you sad sack.

"Faculty are often so mediocre because they are NOT hired on merit -- such as the ability to teach and/or actually create new useful knowledge. Rather, they are hired on 'the buddy system:' who you know, who you blow, not what you know."

Oh, yes, well acquainted with it. The Mormon brotherhood at Boise State and Idaho State.

"a faculty of professors who believe the world is flat will never hire a professor who believe the world is round, even though he is right and they are all stupid."

As a flat Earther, I especially like this one. 😃

"Professors and staff will lie their asses off, promising their degrees will make your dreams and money come true, but it's all self-serving bullshit to increase student enrollment"

If you stab enough people in the back, eventually one comes back to shoot yore ass. chuckle.gif. Inside every anti-gun activist is a closet saboteur scared of retribution.

My interpretation of events: Polito was forced out of his tenured position and probably caused a ruckus, so they blacklisted him around the area. That's what happened to me and my sister. He decided to make lemons out of lemonade and moved to Vegas, thinking to finish his career in a place he loved. But the blacklisting followed him to Nevada, he couldn't get a job, and wasn't willing to leave his chosen career. After three or four years he ran out of money.

That's just how America works now. Each year I'm happier about being childless.

I have hands-on experience in cryptography from 35 years of writing software and Polito’s Zodiac entry also caught my eye. I read through his reasoning and methodology and I must say, I think he really did break the Zodiac cypher which identified the killer as Arthur Leigh Allen.