Gold-backed Digital Currency Proposal


Thirty-four years of eclectic software development. Hands-on experience in 30+ projects, seven startups, staff at a major university, several USDOT grants and corporate consulting. Three DEFCON presentations on predictive analytics.

State governments

From 1991-1996, I was the original architect for several Federal Highway Administration grants developing the first handheld and wireless systems (ASPEN, CDLIS, ISS) for motor carrier inspections. I led a quarterly design conference with representatives from ten States to define features and we achieved adoption by 40 States..

I was Boise State University employee of the year in 1994 and received a commendation from the US Secretary of Transportation in 1996. Two degrees in electronics and business.

Digital Currencies

Hands-on work on three currencies - the Digital Money Trust (1994), Jing, an IoT token prototype (2014) and Sila stablecoin (2018). I developed a minimum viable product for Sila in 100 days which was used in 50 funding demonstrations. I designed and wrote 75% of the original beta release which received $21 million in venture capital.


Projects at Boeing (call center), Avnet (e-commerce), Aetna (insurance), (video analytics), Verizon (ring tone sales), Staples (e-commerce), Standard Insurance, Nike, JP Morgan. Mostly IBM systems, many with million+ transactions per day and requirements for integrations, legacy limitations, etc.


I was one of the first Internet data miners (1993) which led to three DEFCON convention presentations in 2005-2007 on predictive analytics and manipulations like election hacking. I'm probably part of the "Zero Cool" character in the "Hackers" movie (1996), I hacked the planet in 1988.


I bought my first Krugerrands in 2003, my first Silver Eagles in 2004 and I've kept an interest in precious metals ever since. Below is a palladium sentiment graph I data-mined in 2006. See how the sentiment increase (red) PRECEDED the price increase (blue)?

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