Silicon Valley Bank was fine on Wednesday and gone today. I reminded you two days ago, the K-wave is in play.  My prediction in 2013 of major, permanent layoffs in the high tech industry as part of the cycle's end.   The demise of SVB and Silvergate Capital should impact Bitcoin, miners were still burning cash coming from somebody.   I love that Cramer recommended SVB as a strong buy last month.

$30 billion in derivatives

Interesting shakeout so far, USDC in a panic...

This is the part in history where commies attempt a coup!   haha.  

The Three Red Banners
“Three Red Banners was an ideological slogan in the late 1950s which called onthe Chinese people to build a socialist state”. You either know what’s up or you don’t. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update Nov 1, 2020.Kamala Harris admits[https:…
USA Stalinist Era
It’s an early call but I predict the USA has entered its Stalinist Era. Genocide is no longer a fear but a fact as confirmed by dead athletes on live television, multiple life insurance companies, funeral homes, CDC data and DMED data. There’s at least 21K people dying per month

And the rickety cart carrying the house of cards trundled down the narrowing path as it grew steeper.  If the Federal Reserve cuts rates, then I made the right call on real estate.