The internet is literally being saturated tonight with "Trump" + "nuclear documents" propaganda.   It's so obvious.  It's pure brute force, similar to how the MSM tried to poison the Q Anon meme in 2018.   It's a deliberate blast into your head to force belief.

Is anyone falling for this redux of "Russia, Russia, Russia"?

It's the same story as Greta Thunberg, Defund The Police, or #MeToo meme. Frauds perpetrated by a small group with high Internet leverage (think Twitter bots).  Remember my definition of an over-driven meme.

Trump likes to exploit the moral flaws of his enemies.  I wouldn't be surprised if he suckered the DOJ into a trap using their own hubris and wrath.

I called it a bit early in Feb of this year but 87,000 new IRS agents, the raid on Trump and simultaneous disappearance of Wray, Biden and Garland "on vacation" are indicators.  I suspect they changed locations and routine to avoid assassination attempts.

I'd retire now if I was a Federal employee.  I expect the USA to fracture along State or military lines, similar to the USSR collapse and crisis, that is, secession by a coalition of Southern or Western States, a split in military leadership, or perhaps both.