Fifteen months ago, I published Q Coordinated Meme Attack which described how the MSM was waging a sentiment war on the QAnon movement.  They've finally given up on manipulating the meme (as I predicted) and are outright banning it now.  

Twitter bans QAnon

Facebook bans QAnon

I'm surprised it took fifteen months.  Reddit's ban was almost two years ago.  But the interesting aspect is how two primary Democrat websites are faring.  Fifteen months ago, DemocraticUnderground's Alexa ranking had fallen from 12,000 to 30,000 and had fallen 1,100 to 5,500.   I revisited those rankings this week, to see how they play with the polls which claim Biden has a huge lead.  

DemocraticUnderground kept falling and is ranked almost at 43,000.

DailyKos is still at roughly a rank of 5,500, it's never recovered.

The Internet manipulation has become blatantly obvious over the past couple of years.  I can't say I trust any poll results at all.