In Feb, I predicted that the excess all cause death rate reported by insurance companies would rise from 36% to 50-60% by June if the mRNA vaccines had long-term toxicity.   I expected some hard numbers before now but this is the first I've seen:

US Mortality Pre- and Post- Vaccine.
Deaths from everything are higher in the post-vax era...

"all natural causes excess death is 48% higher between the start of 2021 and mid-Feb 2022"

So I'll mark this as a prediction win for now.

This "Great Reset" was planned by government officials and agencies.  But most of the non-Anglo world is bowing out with Russia in the lead.  Today, Iran, Turkey, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Egypt signed onto the BRIC system, falling in line with another prediction.

And the Georgia Guidestone explosion has a meaning beyond the obvious political message.  I woke up to a normal July 6th and by dinner time the Guidestones were gone.  What govt agency destroys a crime scene ten hours after a crime?  Even Mt Carmel in Waco was intact for two weeks before FedGov bulldozed it to destroy evidence.

It's a Synchronicity along with the Abe assassination.  It's not clear to me yet what it means. More clear is that the American empire is fading out. Hey, it had to happen someday.  Hubris only takes you so far.