Vaxxident #7 was only a few minutes old when I drove by. The driver blacked out, jumped a curb and ran into a tree (3rd picture).

Vaxxident #6
Vaxxident #1 to 5

I estimate about 30% of the population are so immersed in digital echo chambers that they'll cling to Official Vax Dogma like a life preserver and another 30% will support the Dogma under quiet duress and fear of "cancellation".

It's incredible to watch the US transform into Nazi Germany / Stalin Russia. The FedGov doesn't care about my income, jobs, crime, a border invasion, fiscal sanity or starting a nuclear war but is psychotically determined to plunge a needle into my arm. Honestly, this should be a HUGE wakeup call by now.

Joe Stalin and his puppet masters will probably make their big push to disarm and take total control after the economy caves in from $2 trillion+ in Federal interest payments.