Our fearless leaders will next claim the rise in deaths is an after-effect of COVID infection.  But the COVID curve has three distinct peaks.  Do you see three peaks in the death curve?  Nope.  That's because it mirrors the vaccination curve, lagging by 8 or 9 months (as predicted by one of the mRna experts).   OneAmerica insurance data only captured the first 3 months after the 9 month lag so it's highly likely that the next 3 quarters will go higher, rising from 25K deaths per month to 50K, 75K, etc.    The peak is dependent on when the vaccine shuts off inside the body (if it ever does) but I expect a collapse of healthcare and insurance industries, etc.

The vaccines will eventually kill many more people than COVID.

It's time for yore next booster shot!  (image and twitter link duplicated here because twitter deletes anything with truth in it)


"designed to be extremely toxic.  it really is unbelievable that they think they can get by with something that toxic injected into the arm and not have consequences".

The first jab
Makes your heart larger

The next jab
Makes your T-cells small

And the booster that Pfizer gives you
Doesn't do anything at all

Go ask Fauci
Why Dad collapsed at the Mall