I made three good calls over the past few months...

1) Twitter gaming their stock price,  at $40 today, a drop of 30% or so.  Gaming a primary index or measurement usually leaves contrary details.   Their press release in May was ridiculously inconsistent.

addendum: now at $34.80, hee hee hee

2) I surfaced the idea of Mass insanity in early November, validated this week by Joe Rogan and Dr Robert Malone interview and discussion of "Mass Formation Psychosis" which blew the numbers off Google Trends faster than Google could suppress it.  (and make no mistake, they are suppressing a great deal)

3) The Death shot.  Finally some real statistics from OneAmerica Insurance - a 40% increase in deaths for ages 18 to 64.   That's a 5 or 6 sigma event (off the charts) and translates into 21K deaths per month.   My prediction is the 40% number will increase with each booster shot because it erodes more immune system and at least 250K deaths from the mRNA vaccinations in 2022, possibly up to 1 million and it's likely that 2023 will be higher.  It's incredible we're recreating Nazi Germany while our "morally superior" citizens focus carefully on getting their personal pronouns right.

The vaccine perps put an avalanche into motion.

"Sexually transmitted diseases, deforestation, depletion of the gene pool.  It adds up to oblivion Governments will fall. Anarchies will reign. It's a brave new world."

In Oct, I estimated 50K to 200K vax deaths in 2021.   Based on the OneAmerica data, the total is closer to 21K x 5 months (Dec 2019 to April 2021) = 110K+.   You should ask yourself why your government is mandating your suicide.