Notice the yellow/red tips in November and December. The Bitcoin community raised transction cost to reduce transactions to a sustainable bandwidth. And that can probably fix the saturated bandwidth issue, although as you can see the mempool is still growing, just more slowly. chuckle.gif

Current transaction cost is $37, up from $1 to $3 for the past 18 months. Ah, hit $50 yesterday.

Cheeseburger: $13.50
Large coke: $3.50
Bitcoin charge: $50.00
Your face when you read the bill: Priceless

A rising stock price generally relies on rising volume and increased participation. Throttling to a fixed volume is a strategy unique to Bitcoin because it is its own platform. It’s somewhat contrary to higher prices. Notice that transaction cost didn't change from May to Sept until dropped transactions reached the 5-6% range and they had no choice. I'm quite interested to see what happens to bandwidth if Argentina officially adopts Bitcoin and Blackrock's ETF passes.