I upgraded my Dakota sensors in February to a new type half the size with 15X better coverage.

My lesson? Be careful what you wish for. lmao-4

The new sensors ARE more sensitive, cover MUCH more area and I spent weeks wringing out false positives from squirrels, bumblebees, birds, leaves, etc.  My most elusive issue was moving shadows on a glass surface triggered a heat delta on sunny days.   I have it 95% resolved now, though.  

I also upgraded my original solar lights (original charge was too low, only 2 to 3 minutes of light).   The new lights were $8 instead of $6, but three times the solar cell area, twice the battery storage and slightly larger.   A big benefit is that they work 24/7, regardless of power outages.

solar cell area
relative size

Old lighting compared to new lighting.  Not a fair comparison as positions are different and there is an extra light but the new lights also distribute light better:

Old lights
new lights