Post-COVID Home Security, Part 1

Post-COVID Home Security, Part 2

An update on my home security project.  I originally used a mix of Dakota Alert sensors:  several battery-powered PIR sensors ($60 each), a few solar-powered IR beam sensors (I paid $250 and looks like they're discontinued, ha).   I expected the IR sensors to be more reliable but I was wrong.  Their solar panels built up water deposits and couldn't stay charged.  I had daily false alerts until I traced it to the cells.   My false positives dropped almost to zero after I removed them.

I also added a Dakota portable monitor for easier configuration and an alert history.

I replaced the Dakota IR beams with solar power, motion-sensor lights for less than $100 (14 units at $6 each).   They're linked as three networks which light up my yard like a Nazi prison camp and stay lit on subsequent movement.   Their charge is too low (2 to 3 minutes of power) and I've had to reposition them around plant foliage but I like their effect and a false positive doesn't wake me up. They are weatherproof with no wires, no maintenance and should last 10 to 15 years.

The Arlo cameras are surprisingly trouble-free.  I've rebooted two manually and cleaned a couple lenses.  I get a few wind-based false positives but they are NEVER marked as a person.