In case you haven't figured it out yet...

Biden's sanctions on Russia backfired and are destroying the Western banking system.   Putin is achieving exactly what he planned, despite the pathetic propaganda from our MSM. Look at the Russian ruble to see the truth...

Let's walk through the sanction effect...

  1. Biden's energy policy creates expectation of energy shortage
  2. Biden's sanctions on Russia spike global energy prices
  3. That spike accelerates US inflation
  4. The increase encourages the Fed to raise interest rates
  5. The rate increase reduces the value of Treasuries
  6. Banks with Treasuries now have unrealized losses
  7. Those losses set off panic and bank runs
  8. Banks fail as losses are realized by forced Treasury sales

One BRIC goal is to replace US dollar hegemony with the Yuan and they're achieving it, partly due to Biden's sanctions.   Billions in derivatives have been triggered between the global Western banks, creating a cluster-fuck of many transactions (possibly millions) in indeterminate states, making it almost impossible to know the real assets of many banks.  The Western central banks are flooding money to paper over failures, hoping to avert a banking collapse like 2008.  But promises made in bad faith are just lies.

The American empire has been over-extended for many years and I believe Trump made a true-faith effort to retrench to a sustainable state but...  the Neocons won back control in 2020 and here we are.   I've expected this outcome for several years as a consequence of the Kondratieff wave.   Russia and China have been preparing for over 15 years.

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