Every five months I get a SottoPelle testosterone injection.  It's usually 5-7 days before it takes effect and Friday's injection is kicking in.  The feeling is like the endorphin high for long-distance runners and today I'm flying.  :)

  • Improved libido
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better maintenance of muscle mass
  • Higher strength
  • Better mood and memory

When I was sixty I wrote the Sila MVP in 100 days, we used it in fifty demos and it eventually raised $21 million of venture capital.  I only remember two real bugs. It's often annoying when a cowboy coder blabs about "coding ability" as if writing FOR loops and IF statements is a magical ability.   I can touch-type 80 WPM, can you?  :)

Integrity counts for a bit more.  But Generation Hubris has to relearn that for itself, I suppose.

The doctor must have added an extra pellet to my injection by accident.  :)