Seventeen months ago I predicted that Bitcoin miners will go bankrupt.  Well, here's Core Scientific...

Core Scientific, one of the largest publicly traded crypto mining companies in the U.S., raised the possibility of bankruptcy... will not make its debt payments coming due in late Oct. and early Nov.

Computer North declared bankruptcy  six weeks ago...

Compute North, one of the largest bitcoin mining firms in the world, declared bankruptcy in late September, saying it can't fulfill debt obligations worth up to $500 million.

The current thinking is that "consolidation of miners" will "create a BTC bottom" and then it will rocket to new highs.   :).   I fail to see how the same electricity becomes more affordable with fewer miners to pay for it.

Bitcoin is beyond "vote for Fetterman" insane.   There's 1.9 coins left per miner, it's costing $15K/year to mine and the halving algorithm stretches the mining period to 100 years.

The average miner will pay $1.5 million ($15K/year X 100 years) to retrieve 1.9 coins sometime before 2122 which are currently worth $32K.