A hack attempt on my Best Buy account.

Notice the account does not exist. It's a false account in my password manager and Best Buy was in the image restored by the Sila coworkers who hacked into my Gmail and Ebay accounts.  

So it's likely another revenge attempt.  My accounts have unique 30-character, random-generated passwords and the important ones have OTP authenticator MFA.

I'm curious if Sila survives the Crypto Crash.  Their survival would be good for my resume but the odds seem low and I assume the talent supply will explode as 15000 cryptos and exchanges go under.  That's one reason I didn't take another crypto gig.

If Bitcoin drops below $13000 for a sustained period, the mining network will decay.  Marginal miners will drop out, foisting their operating costs onto the remaining miners.  This crash could easily become a cascading failure which kills Bitcoin.