Thirty years of development taught me a lot about software but it also wised me up to deception, resentment, sabotage.  Behavior leaves a fingerprint, although sometimes I'm slow to recognize it.

I've conducted 200, perhaps 300 job interviews since 1994.  But today's character, the Sultan, was the first to request a woman.  I asked why but he just shrugged.   The Sultan was new to software and startups so I explained how that reduces our candidates by 85%, and almost guarantees we won't hire the best candidate.  

But he insisted so we hired a 22-year-old woman with 3 years of  experience.

We had no female candidates for our second hire.

The Sultan fast-tracked "Web Boy" for our next hire.   I knew something was up when we shook hands because his face was guilty and he flinched when we touched.  I later realized that he was my replacement.  Perhaps the Sultan thought I was too naive to figure it out.  

He switched tactics on the next hire.  He gave me only "top candidates"; one strong woman and three weak men.  So we hired another young woman "by consensus".   I later received a followup phone call from a substantially better candidate and realized the Sultan gamed our hiring process to bag his next chick.

He switched up tactics again with a beautiful blonde candidate as an intern.  By now, 7 of our 12 staff were young, attractive women.  Our business proposal was rejected by fifty venture capital firms, I had Web Boy undermining me,  several diversity hires and now an intern with zero experience so I quit the next day.

Later that year, the Sultan and Web Boy broke into my Gmail account several times.  You know IP addresses are recorded by Google, right, boys?.  They probably restored a backup I'd left and until today, only we three knew.

Luckily (or perhaps shrewdly), I moved all my important info out of Gmail in 2014, I use it for job interviews and cam girls now so at least they got some hot porn.

I signed up to write software, not to manage a harem in a company running low on cash.   What's amazing about the past thirty years is how often I'm dealing with NONSENSE like this instead of software.