This is what happens when you believe in 96 genders.  This guy is operating at Borg-level, a.k.a. "Cancel Culture".  He literally can't grasp that a 0.5% chance of death is higher than 0.2%.

Dutch insurer Aegon - "its claims in the Americas in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier", a 260% increase.  

"Munich Re raised its 2021 estimate of COVID-19 life and health claims to 600 million euros from 400 million."   50% increase, roughly in line with OneAmerica's 40% increase in deaths.

Hold on to yore hat, because those numbers are the third quarter.   The real ramp up in vax deaths started in the fourth.

Luckily, Biden had our entire military vaccinated so by 2023, we're gonna have a dysfunctional army.  If you're unvaxxed and Republican, expect to get drafted for the Russian Front.  Do you think this was just an "unfortunate mistake"?  

Three Red Banners