By now you should have an inkling of what's happening.  I signed up for Facebook and Twitter when they were new because back then I always searched for the "Next Big Thing".   I tested them for awhile and then discarded them.   I was fairly sure that they'd eventually be misused like we've seen in the past two days.

I've followed Q almost from the start, I found the original 4Chan posting three or four weeks after it appeared.  And I was intrigued but unconvinced until the Bush Funeral envelopes (Dec 5, 2018).  Then I knew Q was not a LARP but then what was it?

So I've followed it closely.  When Q began the series of "Q Sent Me" redirects, I realized it was definitely a data mining operation.  Q was collecting information on the growing movement by redirecting measurable traffic across the internet to other sites; information like location and sentiment data-mined from posted comments.  At its peak, I estimated the Q Army at 20 to 30 million people and later found a couple of better analysts who agreed with 30 million.  

I did this analysis in Mar, 2019 examining MSM efforts to kill the Q meme.  And in the months preceding the 2020 election, Congress suddenly took an interest in Q, condemning it by resolution along with a few choice curses from Congressmen.

If you've followed Q long enough, then you have  pretty good idea of what's happening right now in the United States.  And if you haven't...  well, you're in for some big surprises.  

This is an ad hoc entry  which I might add to later.  I've published two previous posts I did two years ago but kept private until now.    I got a couple of items wrong (Obama's owner, probably) and my predictions were far too optimistic, it took two more years to reach the end game.

First Q Post

Second Q Post

Addendum:  Do you know why they put border lines on official documents?  Because if you take a photocopy of an official document, the camera lens puts a curvature in the border line.  

  • 30,000 Troops deployed to DC  
  • to protect a virtual inauguration
  • of a fake president
  • from an online LARP
  • created by a WWF promoter

The craziest show ever.