I'd think this is obvious but...  the BLM and Antifa riots over the past year were recorded and mapped.   Here's a couple of maps generated from publicly available info, click to zoom in:

Social Map 1

Social Map 2

The Federal government has far more detailed information.   The large nodes are influencers, they are the managers of the network.  Remove them and the network stops working.  A few thousand people are driving this "color" revolution and if they disappear, the revolution deflates like a hot air balloon.

There's about 200 people in the first social map.  Remove the 10 largest people and the remaining 190 won't coordinate well, if at all.

So if you think it's okay for the large IT companies to squelch anyone they don't like, I assume you'll also think its okay for the Feds to arrest several thousand instigators using the same platforms and information.

Facebook, Twitter, Apple have a bigger problem.  Centralized systems are easy to defeat because they have single points of failure...

So, once again, this seems obvious to me but none of those companies have an ARMY.  Or soldiers.  Or guns.   How many men would it take to seize all of Facebook's data centers?  Even now, I imagine their hubris hasn't accounted for their highest points of failure.  Q is playing chess, son, not checkers!

What you're seeing right now is panic reaction.  There is no plan.  Likewise, Pelosi and Congress are panicking, they have no plan.  The mayor of D.C. requested thousands of National Guard but guess who they report to?  Haha.  The Q team has been war-gaming this situation for many years.   Do you think they are surprised right now?   It reminds me of that Quentin Tarantino joke...

"Not only would I not be pissed off...  I'd be HAPPY".